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What is Design N Buy?

Design N Buy lets you Custom design a TSHIRT on your OWN using our DESIGN TOOLS (An Online TShirt designer) and place an Order with us. If you need TSHIRTs for your College, School, Organisation,  for any event or even for you and your family’s personal use, just design on your own using our designing tools and place order with us. We will deliver to your door steps. At www. InstaDZINE.com you can design n buy from the comfort of your computer or a mobile or even a tablet. Simply head to www.InstaDZINE.com and click Design N Buy.
Need help in designing then please check the video tutorial at

What is the TSHIRT Designer Tool?

InstaDZINE.com’s TSHIRT Designer is an online tool that enables you to design your own T Shirt. It can be used from PCs, Laptops, Mobiles and Tablets. Among the many features available, it allows you to ADD TEXT, Use existing Graphics for your design, You can upload your own graphics, Select from available colors, sizes, patterns , Add your sports team name and number and much more. It is an exciting yet sophisticated designer tool that helps you to custom design your T Shirt.

Is there a Minimum Order Quantity in Design N Buy?

The Minimum Order Quantity for Design N Buy is 2.

What will be delivery time once an order is placed?

Barring unforeseen circumstances, you should be able to get your order between 7 to 10 days.

How about the quality of T Shirt

We use top quality fabric used by famous brands for manufacturing

Can I Order in different sizes

Yes. You can select quantity per size before ordering

Do you deliver anywhere in India?

Yes. We deliver anywhere in India.

What is Design N Sell and how can I make money?

Have you thought of starting your own designed TSHIRT selling Business? You are at the right place.
Design N Sell lets you unleash your creativity and make money by selling your designed tshirts. Simply head to www.InstaDZINE.com and click “Design N Sell” and start designing a T Shirt with our splendid designing tools. Once you have designed, you can determine what price you want to sell at. The final selling price will be the base price set by us ( manufacturing cost )+ your set price. For e.g. If the base price of a TSHIRT set by us is 200 ₹, and the profit you set is 150 ₹ then the tshirt will be sold at 350  ₹. So when a T Shirt from your campaign is sold you earn  150 ₹. Multiply this by the number of T Shirts that may get sold  from your campaign  and that’s money you will pocket ( ₹ ₹ ₹ ₹).
Your designed T Shirts will be published on our online shop(s) for buyers to purchase.
Share your design on Facebook, google+, twitter, Instagram and invite buyers to purchase your design.
We will manufacture the Tshirt completely based on your design  and ship to the customer within 8 days.
Please see this video tutorial  to know more :https://youtu.be/hHOGiAEtaoM

Do I need to invest anything to start designing and selling on InstaDZINE.com?

ZERO INVESTMENT. You read it right. InstaDZINE.com offers the easiest, ZERO COST way to get t-shirts designed by you, to sell without having to deal with manufacturing, or with any upfront inventory costs, or minimum orders, or even shipping and fulfillment. We at InstaDZINE.com will manufacture your design, and ship to every customer who buys from our online store. All you do is just design and publish on our store and ofcourse market it by sharing your design on social media platforms. Thats it. The rest of the hard work from manufacturing to shipping and fulfillment is done by us. Cant get better than this.


What is a campaign?

Campaign is a process where you design a tshirt and make it available for sale on our online portal(s). www.InstaDZINE.com has features to share your campaign on social media. Ultimately you have to run your campaign and market it well so you earn well.

How can I market my design? Can InstaDZINE.com help?

InstaDZINE.com has features to publish your design on social media like Facebook. However as a designer you need to actively market your offering via social media and other means. We will publish your design on our multiple online shopping platforms like teeMelange.com besides InstaDZINE.com’s own online shop.
In today’s times its easy to get your customers just by being active on social media.
InstaDZINE.com will also chip in with its advanced SEO and other targeted marketing activities.

Who will provide support to the customer?

Ofcourse InstaDZINE. We have a customer service team avaliable 24×7 to address any queries of your customer.

When will i get paid?

Our accounts will clear payments on 28th of every month for all the tshirts sold for that month

How should I wash my T Shirt to maintain the print quality?

– All garments must be turned inside-out before washing.
– A mild detergent is recommended. Avoid using stronger detergents.
– Always use cold water for both machine wash and hand wash.
– Wash your garments with other similar colours. Seperate the white apparels from coloured apparels.
– Do not bleach and avoid soaking.
– Printed apparels don’t respond well to dryers due to excessive exposure to heat. Avoid using dryers.
– Iron all printed apparels inside-out.

I have a particular T Shirt design in mind, can you make it?

Absolutely. Just mail us your design at orders@instadzine.com.